New German editions of George V. Higgins novels

April 10th, 2013
From Kunstmann Verlag catalog page for the fall 2013:

Other licenses in the wake of Killing Them Softly, the 2012 movie starring Brad Pitt, include the large-scale Vintage Books reissue of Cogan’s Trade along with ten other novels by George V. Higgins (Google PlayAmazon.comiTunesB&NIndieBoundetc.). Orion (UK) reissued Cogan and six other Higgins titles, in electronic and/or paperback format(s). Foreign language licenses so far include: Chinese (simplified: Shanghai Translation; complex: Big Apple); French (Lafon)German (Verlag Antje Kunstmann), Hungarian (Cartaphilus), Italian (Einaudi), Japanese (Hayakawa), Korean (Screenseller), Polish (C&T), Russian (Azbooka), Serbian (Laguna), Spanish (Asteroide), and Bulgarian (Locus) issued a newly recorded unabridged audio version of Cogan and relicensed 8 other Higgins titles on its backlist (available on iTunesAudible/Amazon, etc.).

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