C. Michael Hiam, Dirigible Dreams

October 21st, 2014
ForeEdge/UPNE, October 2014
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An early rave in the Wall Street Journal:

“A concise but comprehensive history of the airship and its evolution. With style and some flair, Mr. Hiam introduces a cast of dogged visionaries … A diligent researcher, Mr. Hiam quotes judiciously and generally has an eye for a good story and the detail that brings it to life. Dirigible Dreams is a work of solid reportage, illustrated with enchanting photographs of the monster crafts. I admire the author’s brevity; the book could have been twice as long, and it would have been half as good. Mr. Hiam remains charmingly in thrall to the romance of the skies. “Regrettably,” he writes, “the dirigible age came and went far too quickly.” A believer to the last, he reckons that, “were it not for Hitler’s rise to power,” which shifted global attention to the war effort, “the airship would yet have had a place in global transportation.” It is hard, on the strength of these entertaining pages, not to agree with Mr. Hiam’s claim that “the brief epoch of the airship . . . was charged with incredible potential, it consumed nations and imaginations, and for an exciting period in aviation history it represented the future of human flight.”
Sara Wheeler, The Wall Street Journal,  Friday, October 17, 2014


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