Subsidiary Rights

All rights and permissions inquiries should be addressed to:

Foreign rights are handled by the Marsh Agency in London. For information on territorial rights in individual titles, search the rights news post.

Film/tv rights are handled by Stone Canyon Media LLC in consultation with Alexander, Lawrence, Frumes & Labowitz, LLP, in Los Angeles.


Please provide the information specified below.

About the content handled by the agency
→Title, author, year of publication
→Matter intended for excerption: specify page range, word count, photographs, charts, etc.

About the work you intend to create
→Title, author/editor, publisher, expected season of publication
→Projected list price
→Initial quantity and projected lifetime units (print or other copies) of planned edition
→Rights requested (e.g. reprint, audio, anthology, first or second serial); please indicate type of media (e.g. print/digital, audio, hardcover/paperback, e-book/database)
→Territory and term of license
→Proposed fee
Clearly indicate any proposed changes to the text.

For course use (including coursepacks), please complete the following as fully as possible
→Course title
→School and department
→Anticipated enrollment
→Cost of coursepack to students (if not free)
→Format (print or electronic); if distributed online, will materials be password-protected?

Be sure to include your contact information. Allow at least two weeks for a response.

Questions about fair use? Start by visiting

For detailed information about copyright law, we recommend William Strong’s The Copyright Book (6th edition, MIT Press, 2014).