Mary Otto, Teeth

January 19th, 2017
Otto TEETH final.jpg

Early raves for Mary Otto’s Teeth, published March 14 by the New Press:

“A hard-hitting look at the current state of oral health in a beauty-obsessed America … Otto’s sobering report should not go unheeded.” —Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)

“Otto’s well-reported and important book will arouse concern over the fact that dental health, which is so essential to our well-being, gets such short shrift, and, hopefully, help instigate reform.” —Booklist (STARRED review)

“An astute examination of the complex, insular business of oral health care. Former Washington Post journalist Otto recognizes poor oral hygiene and maintenance as a major public health problem, and she adroitly probes the ramifications of this persistent ‘silent epidemic of oral disease.’  […] A focused, well-researched depiction of the dental industry’s social and cultural relevance and its dire need for reform.” —Kirkus Reviews

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