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“Albert LaFarge provided insights into writing a popular medical book that were invaluable and led me through the difficult path of bringing this work to the public.” —Walter M. Bradley, Treating the Brain

“Thanks go as well to my literary agent, Albert LaFarge, for the sage counsel, support, and enthusiasm he has long brought to our partnership.” —Akiko Busch, How to Disappear

“Albert LaFarge … opened my first overstuffed envelope containing my inklings and had faith enough in my work to put it out into the world.” —Annie Downey, Hot and Bothered

“Every writer has an ideal reader, often imaginary, in mind when working on a book. … Albert LaFarge, my tennis-fanatic agent, was excited from my first e-mail outlining the idea of this book … It is highly unlikely that this book would ever have existed without his early enthusiasm.” —Marshall Jon Fisher, A Terrible Splendor

“What other man of letters can toggle between extensive commentary on Shakespeare, the NewsHour, and Pink Floyd lyrics, all within a single blistering game of tennis?” —Peter Fox-Penner, Power after Carbon

“The best agent since the earth cooled.” —Marek Fuchs, A Cold-Blooded Business

“My agent, Albert LaFarge, has again proved his worth many times over and, again, he has my heartfelt thanks.” —C. Michael Hiam, Eddie Shore and That Old-Time Hockey

“Albert LaFarge had so very much to do with the care and feeding of this work when it was an orphan manuscript.” —George V. Higgins (1939–1999), The Agent

“As usual, … a remarkably perceptive and sensitive job. You seem to have caught all the nuances of my revision, a lot of which was quite subtle. … Thanks again for your brilliant work.” —Walter Marks, Dangerous Behavior

“Albert LaFarge of the LaFarge Agency, our enthusiastic agent, kept convincing publishers that it should happen.” —Fred Mayo and Michael Gold, Modern American Manners

“Albert LaFarge was an insightful and gentle editor of some of these stories at DoubleTake magazine in 2002. He has been a marvelous and effective agent for them more recently.” —Dermot Meagher, Judge Sentences

“I would also like to thank Albert LaFarge, my indefatigable agent.” —Meg Muckenhoupt, Boston’s Gardens and Green Spaces

“I owe a special debt to my agent, [Albert LaFarge], who offered an empty house on an island where I could sit and write when I needed to concentrate on my book.” —Meg Muckenhoupt, The Truth about Baked Beans

“My literary agent, Albert LaFarge, has been encouraging and highly effective in bringing this book to publication.” —James C. O’Connell, Dining Out in Boston

—William O’Shaughnessy, More Riffs, Rants, and Raves (Fordham UP,  2004) (You flatter, Bill.)

“Albert LaFarge … took on the task of reading the mansucript and offered deep insights that made it better.” —Mary Otto, Teeth

“Many thanks for your support, good humor, and professionalism.”—Stephen Petrus, Folk City

“Albert LaFarge, an agent in Boston, … offered to help find a home for my book whenever I was ready to let it go. I was still working in Nashville and living in Vermont and Ireland, where I was also doing some work, so months passed; a couple of years passed. Every so often I’d call Albert. He was still there. Patiently waiting.” —Jim Rooney, In It for the Long Run

“Albert LaFarge used his charm, knowledge, and savvy to find this book the perfect home at Oxford University Press.” —Michael A. Ross, The Great New Orleans Kidnapping Case

“I am most grateful to … my most capable and steadfast agent, Albert LaFarge.” —Patrick Samway, Flannery O’Connor and Robert Giroux: A Publishing Partnership

“Albert LaFarge, my spirited, energetic agent, helped me rework and shorten the manuscript with expertise and a light touch.” —Isabelle Storey, Walker’s Way: My Years with Walker Evans

“Albert LaFarge, our agent, has made important suggestions for improvement.” —Sam Bass Warner and Andrew H. Whittemore, American Urban Form: A Representative History

“The sort of natural born editor who (like [William] Maxwell) feels his way through a piece, rather than the sort who thinks his way … I appreciate the close attention you must have paid here and the delicacy.” —­Alec Wilkinson (on “Candy Jernigan,” DoubleTake 21 [summer 2000])