Marek Fuchs, A Cold-Blooded Business

February 11th, 2014

New, expanded edition of acclaimed, deeply reported story of crime and passion A Cold-Blooded Business: Adultery, Murder, and a Killer’s Path from the Bible Belt to the Boardroom By Marek Fuchs In 2006, when the New York Times assigned Marek Fuchs to cover a cold-case murder involving an executive in a wealthy Westchester suburb,* neither…

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Appreciating George V. Higgins

August 16th, 2013

In the August issue of the Atlantic, Jenny Rothenberg Gritz writes about “How Richard Nixon Fooled Friends and Influenced People”–reprising some excellent earlier reporting by George V. Higgins, whose 1974 article, “The Friends of Richard Nixon,” was published in expanded form by Atlantic Monthly Books.  (More about George V. Higgins.)A guest post on a Houston Chronicle blog recognizes a Higginsesque…

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Michael Hiam’s book on Sam Adams is in renewed demand after whistle-blower Edward Snowden wins Sam Adams Integrity in Intelligence award

July 17th, 2013

News of the award, recently reported by Eileen Kersey at, spurred a rise in sales of used copies of Hiam’s book “Who the Hell Are We Fighting?”: The Story of Sam Adams and the Vietnam Intelligence Wars (Steerforth Press, 2006). Sam Adams, a CIA analyst during the Vietnam War, made shocking discoveries about the Johnson administration’s deceptive public statements…

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Meg Muckenhoupt, Boston’s Gardens and Green Spaces

June 21st, 2013

Union Park Press, 2010 Buy full-color paperback edition on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Read about it on the publisher’s blog. Visit and download an innovative Android locator app based on the book.

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Warner and Whittemore, American Urban Form

May 3rd, 2013

Read a sample; buy the book. Overview and endorsements Choice magazine has awarded its prize for outstanding academic title in 2012 to American Urban Form: A Representative History, by MIT urban history professor Sam Bass Warner (author of Streetcar Suburbs, etc.) and recent MIT planning grad Andrew Whittemore, with line drawings by Whittemore.

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